One annoying fact about having pets, particularly dogs and cats, is when they are in pain and cannot tell you what the problem is. Luckily, a dog is super good in filling that communication gap. There are few symptoms which can tell that your pets are suffering with a serious disease. This article will reveal you the top five startling signs that your pet has an allergy.  Also, five simple and effective solutions in the battle against allergies are provided.


Pets suffering from an allergy always have sad days. Prompt action is needed to save their life!

Top five startling signs your pets have allergy

1. Recurring Itching.


Pets keep on scratching its skin all the time.

If your dog scratches its skin constantly, then most likely, it has an allergy. According to WebMD, “increasing scratching” is one of the common signs of allergy in pet. Moreover, when your pet keeps on dragging its ears to the ground, it is a sign that your pet has ear infection. Frequent ear infection can be triggered by yeast or bacterial infection, which can be caused by a contact to allergens.

2. Flaky and Dry Skin.


It is really pitiful to see them this way. They are suffering from flaky and dry skin.

There are few reasons why the skin of your dog could be starting to flake and drying out. However, it may also a sign of allergy.

3. Trouble in Breathing.


Test the breathing of your pet.

When you notice that your dog is breathing tougher than the usual after a walk, this could be caused by few reasons. And one of these reasons is allergy. Next time you notice this to your dog make sure to seek the opinion of a vet.

4. Paw Biting.


Pets keep on biting its paw all the time.

When you see your pet biting its paw, then this can be a symptom that they’re grooming themselves, however when the biting is too much, this can be a sign of allergy on food. Food allergies sometimes show in the form of scratchy paw, legs and face.

5. When Your Pet Begins Spewing Out Food, Then You Should Be Bothered.


Pets may have red eyes and keep on spewing out his food. Some pets do not eat at all.

A lot of dogs struggle from allergy that can aggravate their stomachs triggering them to spew out. When you notice that your pet has a delicate stomach, it might be triggered by allergens in the food they intake.

When you got an allergy, the doctor will suggest a shower in the morning and night to get rid of your allergy. The same suggestion applies to your pets.

1. Recurrent baths will give immediate, complete relief to a scratchy dog and sweep away the allergens from the skin and coat.

2. Keep the zones of your house where your pets spend most of their time allergen – free as much as possible.

3. Opt for wood or linoleum floor. Avoid using carpets in your house.

4. Use plastic cover to your pet’s bed.

When you are familiar with these five signs and five simple solutions for pet allergy, you can  save the life of your pet. However, if you have any doubt to the condition of your pet, it is better to talk to a professional vet. He will provide you the finest approach on how to treat the allergy of your pet.

Bring your pet to any vet as soon as possible.

You have to be observant. In this way, you will detect if your pet is feeling ill or not. They cannot talk but they can manifest their feelings through their actions. We are responsible to their life and it is up to us to properly take good care them.