This Open Letter Is For Every Person Who Thinks That They Are Broken


You woke up again feeling the same heaviness in your chest as you slept with the night before. But somehow you still managed to make your way out of bed, did your chores and headed to work. Despite going through hell, despite having to cope with so much, you got your things done and you’re still on the way to accomplishing your goals.

That, my friend, is not being broken. You’re a hero in every form. You have scars to show, but only because you’ve fought like a warrior and didn’t give up. You had the strength to carry on in the darkest of times, not everyone can do that.

It’s easy to fall apart. It’s easy to victimise yourself. It’s easy to project blame. But you owned up to your responsibilities and faced the day even if you cried yourself to sleep the previous night.

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The guy who mentally abused you to a point of insanity, or the best friend who only took advantage of you, all this has only made you stronger. All this has only made your core metal harder and in a way, made you bullet-proof.

You’re not worthless. You’re a glorious winner.

You’re a phoenix. You rose from the ashes they left you in.

You’re a grand lotus. You bloomed from the dirt they put you in.

Even though they have only been cruel and brutal, you can tell say with pride that you’re still standing on your feet.

For every bad day you had, for every terrible thing that happened, for that person who left you in misery because they were too selfish to see their fault, for every damaging thing they did, it did not break you. You certainly thought it would. But you survived.

You came out of the waters and you were breathing again.

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These experiences might have been gruesome on you, but they also made your wiser and bolder. They made way for better decisions and better people. They’ve brought you here today.

You don’t have to see the scars as traumatising memories, but as a lesson learned. These lessons are slowly turning you into a beautiful person who is strong and confident.

You aren’t broken. You might have been through hell and back, but you have the capability of turning everything around into a heaven.