This Is For The One I Have Let Go With A Smile


They say that in life, everything comes to an end. But not all endings have to be painful and churn the soul out of you. Some endings leave you with so much more. Some endings you just can’t be bitter about. You have to believe that the sweetest relationships only last for so long but they will certainly bring a smile to your face each time you think about them.

That’s what you were to me. You came into my life at an unexpected time. Listening to you talk about your endless travel stories and your adorable dog obsession took me to another world. You were a breath of fresh air, a calm shoulder to rest on, a partner in crime, and a person I could be myself with.

I saw how your face lit up each time you spoke about your friends or when Manchester United scored a goal. I also noticed how you effortlessly knew what to do each time I felt anxious. You were not something I wanted, but something I definitely needed.

You showed me that a relationship can be so extraordinarily natural and so beautifully simple. You always had my back even though we wouldn’t agree on the same things. You taught me how being kind and considerate with your partner is just what makes it work. And how watching a FRIENDS marathon can be an ideal setting for a date.

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Saying thank you for all that you did for me will just not cover it. You gave me the extra push I needed at the right time. You listened to me ramble about all the little things that bothered me because you knew how much it mattered.

We’ve come a long way since the first day we met. I might have been a nervous wreck on our very first meeting, but you were great anyway. You made things so easy and so comfortable.

I will always remember you with a smile and send good vibes no matter where we are. We may not be in touch, but I want you to know you’ve left a big impact in life. You’re always going to be the one I had to let go, but you’ll also be the one I had to let go with only positive feelings.