These One Day Health Schedules For A Week Work Miraculously

Are you workaholic and going through stress? You don’t have time to fraternize and exercise. Just a step every day and you will be able to give time to yourself. Hard to believe, just read following tips-

Monday: Rise Early

You don’t just start your day on Monday but also start a week. So it should be power packed and a very positive beginning of a day. Wake up earlier than other days. Plan for the whole week. Set a target and strive for it. Next Monday see whether you have achieved your short-term goal or not. If done then reward yourself and if not then try again. Via

Tuesday: Writing


Write something you like. It can be a short story or blog. You can also collect quotes and re-write them. Try and maintain your daily diary as well. Write about your mistakes or your best things and read it weekly. Reading your own creations gives satisfaction and happiness as well. You will experience emotional intelligence, improved communication skills, self-discipline, mindfulness, achievement of goals and much more. Via

Wednesday: Workout

This is the physical work you have to do. No need to go gym or exercise daily. Just give your one day and see results.  Develop energy via dancing. Play any rocking music, close your doors and start jumping. You won’t believe but you will feel energetic. You are not able to give time to fitness every day but you should give at least one day to it. Via

Thursday: Become a Chocoholic

Give your day to chocolates. It will make you feel better and researchers have confirmed that it is important for cognitive performance. Dark chocolates reduce stress to a very great extent. Other chocolates can also be taken. People are very passionate for chocolates and this passion goes beyond love for sweetness. Remember you have to eat mere few chocolates. Via

Friday: Shower your love on animals

Spend time with dogs or puppies or cats or kittens and reduce whole week’s stress.  You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any pet. You can spend with your friend’s pet as well. Borrowing one will also prove to be a good option for you. Animal experts prescribe pets to solve all kinds of problems. Via

Saturday: Spend time with family

“Family that plays together stays together”. Take out time for your loved ones and spend time with them. Let them know how much you love them. Forget the world and plan a weekend with them. You can also enjoy being at home. Try to avoid television and keep your smartphones aside. Have snacks, play together, have a good weekend. Strengthen your bond more this day. Via

Sunday: Meditate

It’s an end of a week now and you need to relieve yourself from all negativities and fatigue-ness you have had throughout the week. It’s time for relaxation. Sit and concentrate, allow your mind to have a deep rest. Keep in mind to meditate deeper and experience mental calmness. It is not only fundamental but equally important for the coming week. The Stress-free mind is focused and attentive. Via