New iOS Update Of Whatsapp Has Major Attractive Features And Every iPhone Users Must Know


WhatsApp, owned by Facebook launched an update recently for the iOS users. The update coded 2.17.20 has come up with an amazing ability of Siri being able to read the recent WhatsApp messages that the person has received. Apart from this major attraction, some minor improvements have also come up.

Now the users can simply call out for Siri to read their latest WhatsApp messages- “Hey Siri. Read my last WhatsApp message.”

Following this command, Siri will read out the message and ask if you intend to hear the same message again. If you answer in yes, Siri will go ahead to read it once more.

Along with the virtual assistant helping you with your messages, many other betterments have come up. For example, there are changes in the Call tab, Group information, contact information and also the User Interface has become a bit more developed. New icons have also replaced the old ones.

Now, the user interface consists of 4 tabs: one for messages, another for calls, third for your status and fourth for pictures. Each tab is dedicated to its sole purpose and does not promote any other operation in that very tab. Now, your status need not essentially be verbal, you can post a GIF or photo instead.

On such verge of success, WhatsApp intends to provide its users with something more. For this, they are planning to introduce the mobile payment segment in India which will support peer-to-peer payment directly. This technology is said to be based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

If WhatsApp genuinely abides by these claims written on various websites, then it would be the first ever social networking platform to do so.

If reports from The Ken Website are to be believed, then WhatsApp would be introducing peer-to-peer payment within 6 months. No source for the aforementioned information was cited on the website.