You Could Loose Your Job if You Don’t Know These Golden Rules..


We may come across situations where you have to talk face-to-face with your boss in front of others. This is like a testing time and requires utmost cautiousness. You are being judged by the others and your senior. Here are some quick notes on what not to say to your boss in a public arena.

1.”That can’t be done.”


cant-do-itWhen you are presented with a goal or target, never say impossible. This will easily put you down and you will not be trusted thereafter for crucial works.

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2.” I can’t work with that person.”

cant-wrkThere might be some people who are difficult to cope with or you have some personal issues. But, never express your discomfort in working with a person as your boss is only concerned about the work being done. When you deny openly of working with a person, you are perceived as an inapproachable and incompatible employee.

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3.”I had said that already.”

said-thatBeing an employee, your boss would not like to be reminded such a note, especially on a one-on-one talk with an audience. Such a statement will be considered rude and unfair.


4. ” That is not my fault.”

not-my-faultIf you are responsible for your section and you are being blamed for something, accept it  and account for it. You are no longer a child to play the blame game. This will settle your position as an irresponsible person.

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5. “But, this is the way we do it usually. “

it-this-wayA good employee should be always open to changes and suggestions from both seniors and even colleagues. If the suggestion cannot be incorporated, come up with a different way to present it rather than complaining.


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6. “I was not told to do it”

do-allYou have your job and its related duties. When you are asked for an explanation on some matter of your concern, never give into saying that you were not asked to do it. Your boss is not your mother to go behind you asking you to do every single thing. You are expected to kick it and fill in your duties every day.


7. “It cannot be done, as it will take a lot of time”

timeThe job may take some time more, but if your boss has asked you to do it, you do not have a way out, but to finish it. A good employee is the one who is able to take up pressure when demanded for.


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8. “Oh, that’s difficult”

do-my-jobYou can reply such a note in a personal mail or express a concern in a personal talk. But it is a totally different thing complaining that a certain job is difficult and that it can’t be done. You can try saying, ” I will put it by best and try to make it”.


9. ” I would disagree”

disagreeAn employee should never disagree over anything said by the boss. Do not expect it to be taken lightly when you say such a note of argument to your senior in front of others. You should not speak such a sentence casually and never in an aggressive tone.

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10. “Boss, I need a salary raise.”

hikeYou can always have salary talks with your senior in private. But never ever in public. Make a good approach by presenting the app-laudable works you have done in the previous year and send a formal mail asking for hike.