Never Pose like that for selfies, that’s dangerous


Selfies have always been in trend. It is most popular among an age group of 12 to 30. But few of the people have taken the selfies to another level. Will you believe if a photographer posts a deadly selfie taken at atop skyscraper? Yes, you heard it right.

Meet 23-year-old self-taught Instagram photographer Angela Nikolau. Although her pictures would give you an adrenaline rush. Her photographs are so incredible that she has got a massive fan following on social networks.

Seriously I would never risk my life to take such photographs but we can say it’s her passion only. The fearless 23-year-old must be content with balance the line between death and life. She loves capturing herself from dangerous heights. despite the pictures are undeniably attractive, they’re also sort of terrifying.

If she were to stumble at all, she would plummet to her death. But it doesn’t appear to bother her since she continues to take these photos around the world in countries like Russia and China.

She always flirts with the possibility of dying by posing on the edge. As of now, she has visited places like the Mirax-Plaza in Russia, the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, and the Goldin Finance 117 skyscraper in China. But if her poses were not giving you enough stress, she also does flips and other stunts while she’s atop.

I sincerely hope that she always maintains her balance.

1. Isn’t she is beautiful?


2. Although the pictures are undeniably beautiful, they’re also kind of terrifying.


3. She flirts with the probability of dying by posing on the edge.


4. But whatever she took my heart away.


5. “No limit, no control,” is a slogan she lives by, and it’s perfectly fitting.


Well, these photos have given me goosebumps what about you?