Ever Wondered How Much Coffee Did Each Character Drink During “Friends”?


Every time I watch Friends, my heart swells with emotions. It always brings along giddy whirl of emotions; laughter, tears, nostalgia and an uncharacterised bond that we all probably share with the lovable characters of the show. The show is replete with characters you can instantly fall in love with; from the bubbly Lisa Kudrow to the suave Courtney Cox, to the effervescent Jennifer Aniston, the tremulous David Schwimmer, the tube light-esque Matt LeBlanc and finally, Matthew Perry probably doesn’t even need a description. For whatever reason we watched the show, we definitely did connect with the roles played by these people.

But some fans leave no stone unturned to channel their inner Conrad. Even after ten years since the conclusion of the show, theories, syllogisms, and sometimes bizarre calculations. You can peek into these theories on Reddit (apparently where all the cool kids are), Twitter, or just a simple google search might be enough. Numerous articles, blog posts, listicles have been dedicated to this topic, and I too will only add to this list, but you might wanna read this one because it rests on a rather interesting premise!

Now a Twitter user, who goes by the username @kitlovelace used some actual mathematics and deduced the amount of coffee each character drank on the show while sitting on the couches of Central Perk, their hangout spot, while Rachel poured coffee in the initial seasons. But when you film 236 episodes and each one of them involves at least a shot in the coffee shop, here a few simple mathematics calculations to leave you dazzled.

1. The question

Like almost every theory out on the web, this too begins with a question, and it is how much coffee each character drank. @Kitlovelace spent a week going through the old Friend’s episode and came up with some amazing numbers!

2. The trend in the habits

There is a noticeable trend in the amount of coffee each character managed to guzzle, with almost all the characters showing a noticeable downward spiral, except Rachel, who actually upped her caffeine intake as the time went on.

3. The price of the Coffee

That was an interesting question, and this is how @kitlovelace managed to figure that out!

4. The tipping premise

This one is the tricky part!

5. The Bill!

Actually, that came out to be pretty cheap!