These Mothers Mastered The Art Of Being Mompreneurs And I Am Speechless


Mother’s Day is here, and it is that time of the month when we bake cakes and cookies, buy gifts and put in all our emotions and love into that lifelong bond. From being in her womb and getting all the nourishment to growing up and standing on our own feet, she is a silent hand right beside, every day, every time.

Mothers over the centuries and still are an epitome of love, sacrifice, care, purity and the only source of real encouragement. They have always mastered in juggling their roles by the needs of their family. They were and are the heart of every family. But mums these days are stepping out of their traditional roles into a whole new era. The new era is the birth of an arena where they are shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. They have started venturing and establishing their aura and breaking stereotypes. Yes, they are heading towards carving an entirely new niche of their own. And so, It’s time to make way for our gorgeous Mompreneurs!

Mompreneurs; a phenomenon that roughly describes the difficult mix of being a mum and an entrepreneur, is a rising phenomenon where mums choose to start up a business while bringing up children. So on this mother’s day, we bring you the success stories of 5 mompreneurs who made a name for themselves.

1.) Suchi Mukherjee, CEO, Limeroad

Before setting up an e-commerce fashion website LimeRoad, Suchi used to work with top brands like eBay, Skype and Gumtree. It was during the maternity leave, while she was expecting her son that the idea of limeroad was conceived. It was a tough time for the family as she had to leave her son and daughter in London every month to travel to India. But today, Limeroad has come a long way, and it is Ranked No.1 in Business Today Coolest Startup Awards. It is still growing to be a people’s favourite website.

2.) Shahnaz Husain, CEO, Shahnaz Herbals

Getting married at an early age of 16 and bringing up a baby is not an easy task. Shahnaz Husain always knew it in her heart that she was not meant to be a housewife, so she took a vain step of studying beauty at 17 and went on from London to Paris, Germany, Denmark and New York building her career.

Today nearly four decades later, Shahnaz Husain is the CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc and is a prominent Indian female entrepreneur.

3.) Vandana Luthra, founder, VLCC

Vandana Luthra started with a wellness centre with a focus on health and beauty using a small bank loan in the locality of Safdarjung in New Delhi, but she now has its presence in over 11 countries.

Been awarded the Padma Shri in 2013, she has also been listed in Fortune India in 2015 as the 33rd most powerful woman in business in India.

4.) Meena Bindra, BIBA Apparels


Married at the age of 19, she was never a typical navy officer’s wife. She started off with a tailoring shop in Mumbai in 1988. later when her kids grew up and the elder one went to the boarding school, she took the plunge and started BIBA. She is now 71 and BIBA is a brand name to reckon with.

5.) Tanya Narayan


Tanya is a homemaker turned mompreneur. She trains students in art and craft in Visakhapatnam. Making the most of the summer holidays, the other mompreneurs associated with the platform say that it helps them bring out their creative best.

These mothers have ruled the kingdom of entrepreneurship while handling their households gorgeously.

Let’s salute all the mothers, not just today but every day.