This Mother’s Day Tribute To All The Loving Mothers Made My Heart Hurt


The greatest embodiment of selfless love; oh mother, you make this earth a lovely place to live in. Ever since the foetus days, your love and care are all I crave. You protected me as a child, gave me faith to smile at the oddities of life. I love you dearly, I’m sure you know that, but sometimes unknowingly I may have hurt you bad. No cards, no flowers, no chocolates or cake, as a gift on  Mother’s Day, I vouch not to repeat those mistakes.

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Every time I call you “tu” but refer dad and all elders as “aap”, you quietly gulped down my chauvinism and showed you have a big heart. It is a social sarcasm that I pay respect to all, yet miss out on respecting the one person who brought me into this world. In the cloak of the closeness tag for long enough have I defended this imprudent act. Why ‘o’ why mother you never protested against that? You taught me to be sagacious, but how can I be? Without giving you your rightful honour for begetting me. From this moment onwards on the eve of Mother’s Day, I promise not to treat you unequally ever again.

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During my growing-up days, I never realised the sting of the offensive words I said. But now that I’m all grown up, I can feel your silence more than ever my beloved mother. All those times I casually said how can you know or perhaps laughed at things I could do but you failed at; you never told me the truth, just walked past me without a word. Haven’t it been your sacrifices and compromise for all these years, my life wouldn’t be the so fulfilling today. You gave up your dreams to make mine a reality, to give me a childhood of pride and plenty.

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Often I said angrily, “You could have managed more free time for other things only if you’d tried saving some”, for I thought household work to be a piece of cake. Little did I know you were already stretching your limits to not make any of us wait. Cooking food, cleaning things and tending to all my needs, I’ll surely need a magic stick to do it all in time. Sorry mum to nag over food and demand my favourite bites, for I didn’t know the value of your efforts till I had to cook for myself or starve through the night.

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Stressed with work or bogged down with personal turmoils I yelled at you; “why to worry unnecessarily about things of which there is nothing you can possibly do “. Instead, You brushed away my rudeness and consoled me with a smile, because you still remember what I told you as a child. For on some gloomy dark day, I did tell you ” mom you make all my troubles go away”. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, let me acknowledge with the hugs and kisses you’ve always made my day.

Every day is a Mother’s Day, for, without you, my existence would have faded away. When the day comes to an end,  I wish you could always be there to fondle your hand over my head and tuck me in my bed.

An Ode to Mothers 

Mothers are special we all know, but sometimes we just fail to show.
Be it scratches of childhood or an adult’s heartbreak,
to ease the pain and mend the wound, your love is all it takes.
Your incessant prayers through sleepness nights gave me strength for my every day’s fight.
In spite of the misbehave you never gave up on me,
I dedicate all my triumphs to thee.
On each and every Mother’s Day to come by, I’ll love you more ‘O’ mother of mine.
When your shaky hands gets withered with the burden of age,
Don’t worry I’ll hold you tight, be your walking aid.
Mothers are a blessing we all know, its about time we make an effort to show.