10 Smart Gadgets That Will Be A Treat To Your Mom This Mother’s Day


No gadget can be smarter than a mom’s brain. She can detect alcohol faster than the traffic police, can predict the douche-bags in our friendlist way before they ditch us, can guess what mischief we are up to only by seeing our face. We present to you a list of gadgets which will become your Sherlock-mom’s favorite in no time. Whether she is a technology aficionado or not these will surely appeal her. Your mom always has your back and now it is your turn to let her know that she means the world to you.

#1. Smartwatch


Being a homemaker is not an easy task and in order to maintain order, she needs to take care of herself. She will never forget to bring you the glass of milk but she might forget to take her medicine. Smartwatch will work as her personal assistant which would be reminding her about important health tasks to be done.

#2. The Techie Ring


Moms and their never ending love for ornaments will go on forever. This ring has a crystal gem in it which can be connected to a smartphone. Amidst her important work, this ring by will alert her by changing colors and vibration patterns.

#3. Streaming stick


These are one of the most trending gadgets. Where ever your mom she just has to attach this to a television or her laptop and enjoy her Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. With this, she won’t be missing out any episode of her favorite series.

#4. Bluetooth Tracker


If she is the one who has mastered the art of forgetting then this is just the one. Keep this tracker with the things she likely forgets about. Then connect it with a smartphone and it will help you track important things (i.e. if only she doesn’t decide to forget the phone’s location itself! )

#5. Mini Gym Equipment


This is so small and compact that it can fit at any place. Plus you don’t have to invest in an expensive gym subscription or go out. Stay healthy and fit at home. Mom now no more excuses left.

#6. Bag Light


This is a real boon. Mom’s bag has an entire world in it and then searching the right thing at the right time becomes a real pain. This is a light weight and you can use it to read books as well.

#7. Travel Perfume Case


If your mom has to go on a lot of trips then she is going to love this. You can refill it and she can take her perfume with her where ever she goes.

#8. Google Home


This will be your mom’s tech friend. It can help her solve minor problems, play her favorite music or even crack some jokes. This is one of the best gadgets that can be added to any household.

#9. Charging Purse


A charged phone is something most of the moms forget. This purse has a battery of 4000 mAh with a USB cable through which you can charge your phone and it also has a cable through which you can recharge the battery again. This fashionable lightweight bag is something you cannot miss.

#10. A Personal assistant for the hard working Mom

Alexa, once it hits the learning curve, adjusts itself to your Mom’s ways. Bring her home, the Internet of things. Connect it to the smart devices and gift her a genie…Be it ordering grocery (No more “Dhaniya le aao” business!) to banking, cracking her favorite jokes to forecasting weather, booking a cab to listening to music. She will have it all in it!