Mother Buries Baby Boy Alive in Grave: Timber factory Staff Pull Him out Alive

baby boy buried alive by mother


The incident has been reported from the Paddock town in KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa. The baby boy was buried alive by his own mother who used sand and timber to make the grave for her live baby. The 25-year old mother worked in the same factory.

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Three days after the baby was buried, the workers were curious when they heard the babies cry and this led them to open the grave to see the baby alive. When the baby was found, the mother admitted to police that it was her baby and she had done this fearing that her parents would be furious on knowing about her second child.

Baby rescued from grave

The baby was found covered in the sand underneath a layer of timber in a shallow grave. Captain Gerald Mfeka, the District Police Officer, had led the police team. He says that the mother knew that she would be found now and confessed that it was her baby. She had done it out of fear of her parents. Her elder child was born 4 years back and her parents would not accept a second baby.

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The baby was immediately admitted to Port Shepstone Regional Hospital, and some sources say that the mother was also taken to the hospital and later released. The baby has been put to intensive care unit and will have to be monitored for few days to bring it back to full health.

Cruelty by the Mother

baby buried by mother in South Africa

It is not known if the mother has been taken into custody for her heinous act. There are no updates on the charges imposed on the mother and the further actions. But the people are forcing for strong action against such cruelty to the newborn his own mother who had carried her in her womb for 9 months.

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Easter Miracle
mother buries baby boy

Doctors say that it is likely a miracle that the baby survived after being left alone in a grave for 3 days. Some have also quoted the incident to be an Easter miracle reminiscing the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

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Later Updates

Port Shepstone Hospital
The mother had appeared on a hearing at Izingolweni court on charges of child abandonment. Current sources inform that the case has been set for investigation. The doctors at the hospital have reported the baby to be stabilised and healthy. But there is yet treatments going on.

Sagree Naicker, Port Shepstone Hospital
Sagree Naicker, Port Shepstone Hospital -Left side

Sagree Naicker, manager of Child Welfare Department at Port Shepstone Hospital talked to the media about the incident. There are very many cases of child abuse and abandonment in the South Coast area. Strict action and counselling the vulnerable mothers is the best way to counter this tendency.

There can be no excuse over burying a baby alive, however vulnerable the mother may be. Any person in their senses should be doing such a grave crime to their own child. Hopefully, the ‘easter miracle’ baby boy deserves his share of love and care in this world.