Your Mindset Towards Coffee Will Change After Reading This


Coffee knows the right way to bring our soul at ease. It is a part of our lives and we cannot ignore it. Extreme affection for coffee is not a coffee addiction but it is a genuine love for the poor drink. A lot happens over a cup of coffee- dates, meetings, discussions, time pass, etc but the constant element is coffee.

For all the coffee aficionados this article is a must read and the ones who are not you can read this for general knowledge.

#1. Initially, coffee was eaten in form of energy balls

After Ethiopian goats ate coffee berries they started dancing and became full of energy. The African tribal people mixed them with fat and ate them. Via

#2. Coffee over alcohol

Alchohol is prohibited in Islam but coffee became a popular option in the olden days. Via

#3. Coffee house used as base for conspiracy

The government of England in power in 1675, banned drinking coffee as they thought that people were planning conspiracies against them by meeting at coffee houses. Via

#4. Coffee grows on huge trees

We have always seen short coffee trees but the fact is they can grow upto thirty feet. But for the vantage of coffee beans picking they are cultivated short. Via

#5. The secret of a coffee bean

The coffee beans are a seed found inside a red berry. Via

#6. Coffee can turn you into a millionaire because

It the second most traded commodity. Via

#7. The origin of Instant coffee

George Washington invented instant coffee. He was a Belgian man. Via

#8. Coffee beans stay the same but the preparation differs

Caffe Latte, Espresso, Mocha, Americano, etc are not beans but are different types of preparation methods. Via