Miley Cyrus’s Ultra Glam Photoshoot For Harper Bazaar Is Captivating Everyone’s Attention


Miley Cyrus, the former Disney queen did countless movies, TV shows, and commercials and has back with earthy style in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar 2017 ‘Summer Of Love’. “Malibu” singer and actress appear on the cover of the Harper Bazaar ’s August edition and trust us her look is captivating everyone’s attention around the globe.

As we know, she has struggled with public judgment and for which she said, “I think I show people that they can be themselves.

Also added to Harper’s Bazaar in the magazine’s August cover story. “I also think something that has been important for me, in this next little, like, transition phase of my career is that I don’t give a f— about being cool. I just want to be myself.”

Check out the pics of real Miley below:

#She looks like a vision on the cover of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’


# Damn! that dress


#She truly appears to be an eternal dream in this picture.


#She is captivating everyone’s attention!

#Feel Her Elegant Aura.


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