The Mighty Facet of Love


Love is considered to be one of the strongest forces. It is the basic emotion of humans. But many times this emotion has been seen in animals as well. In fact, in today’s time, it would not be wrong to say that animal’s love is more pure and selfless than humans. The real power is in the love which is not driven by any condition or selfish motive. The purest firm of Love is the one which comes out straight from your heart. It can be for your parents, life partner or nature which includes your pets and animals. Sometimes we get to see such incidents which make us realize the little things to which we never paid heed. Some small incidents which seem to be of little importance when heard but carries a deep meaning if looked deeply at.

It is truly said by Shakespeare about love that, ‘It is an ever-fixed mark’. This becomes clear with the following incident. Two days later the death of my partner, I received a flower bouquet with a note which had a message,” Even if cancer wins, I want you to know that you are the girl of my dreams”.

Love can be in any form, for anyone. A court case which lasted for long time was won today, by me. I kidnapped my neighbor’s dog 14 months ago as I found the dog being beaten up. I was arrested. A lot of money was spent on trials but today when I woke up, I saw my little friend and felt it’s warmth and I knew it was all worth for.

Love also arises out of respect and care. My daughter arrived from school and asked for a sign language class. When asked the reason she said that today a deaf girl joined her class who knew only sign language and so can talk to no one. This is where we get to see purest human emotion.

‘I Love You’ written for my husband but by mistake was sent to my father. The reply was ‘ Love You Too. Dad’. We never say such things to parents such normally but the pleasure was delighting. Such rare things carry a lovely feeling.

The most beautiful girl of the school for whose attention boys would do anything. She always gave her whole time to only one boy, her younger autistic brother.

While turning the photographs in the old album, I and my grandfather stopped on one in which my grandfather was dancing with my grandmother at a party. He told me that if something doesn’t last forever it doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

I was a consultant and worked on how to raise children for 15 years. There was a boy who always remained frustrated and angry. One day I drew a picture of a superhero and told him how superheroes fight and save others. The boy is now a fireman. I met him and before posting he showed me that picture of superhero that he had kept with him.

‘Two years ago my mother died and so I adopted her cat. I am diabetic. One night while sleeping I heard my cat meowing loudly like never before. As I got up I felt almost like fainting. My sugar level dipped and I grabbed my glucose bottle and drank it. On reaching hospital doctors said if my cat wouldn’t have worn me up, I would have been dead.

While returning from subway to my apartment, a big stray dog followed me. I was scared. When reached the front gate of my apartment, a man came up with the knife and wanted to rob me but as he took my wallet that dog started to growl at him and troubling on him. Today I am safely at my home all because of that dog.

These incidents show how the thread of Love is developed and you get attached to it once for all. Such attachment is everlasting and never weakens and also gives you real pleasure.