Men With Beard “You call it facial hair I call it AWESOMENESS escaping through my face.”

 Men with beard are enough to make any women go crazy. There is something very attractive about men in the beard. Their masculine figure is a turn on.

#1. It gives them a pretty intense look

The men with beard look pretty intense and mature.

#2. They are ready for all occasions

Just some beard wax and voila! Ready in 2 minutes!

#3. It makes the romance more sensual

Kissing a bearded guy is the most unusual thing but then again you’ll not deny the fact that it is the most sensual thing.

#4. It makes them look more mature

Their beard often make them look more mature than they actually are! So basically,  their first impression is always impressive.

#5. They are understanding

They know how to please a girl. As they are mature they are understanding too.

#6. Bearded men can be more virile

When boys start approaching puberty, their bodies begin to change. One of such changes is growing a beard. For a woman looking to start a family, a beard might symbolize a man who is hormonally ready to make babies.


#7. Bearded men are anything but ordinary

Having a beard is a timeless look that never goes out of style. No matter what, it will always be fashionable to wear a beard. A beard man’s look will always be versatile.