Meet the YouTube Star: 106 Years Old Chef from Andhra Pradesh


Yes, you heard it right this enthusiastic lady is the world’s oldest YouTuber and is creating a whirlwind on the internet with over 2,61,132 subscribers.

mastanamma Country Foods Youtube

Mastanamma is mast enough to be loved by people from all over the world for her unique cooking skills. Her great grandson, Laxman helps with posting the videos to her cookery channel.

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How it all Started?

Being lived a century, she is a resource of traditional cooking techniques which has been passed on to her from her ancestors. People are falling in love with organic products and they are gaining much popularity. And Mastanamma’s cooking techniques were cherished by the same masses.
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Laxman was excited with his great grandmother’s cookery skills and shot the video on a mobile phone and uploaded it. He didn’t have any expectation of the video going viral. His only intention was that it would be fun and he could even watch it over later.
To Laxman’s surprise, the video took off from there. The urban people and even professional chefs considered these techniques.

What’s So Special?
mastanamma 106 year old youtube star

Mastanamma’s YouTube cookery channel is named Country Foods. The specialty is if the traditional cooking methods and the use of original flavors right from scratch. The main cuisine is Andhra and each dish brings in the real essence.
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Even in her old age, she takes to cooking on herself without allowing others of the family to help her. The people in the locality come over to her place to taste the true essence of Andhra. Her fish fry has been said to be one of the best fish recipes of the world. She is also popular in her locality for the exquisite egg dosas and bamboo chicken biriyani.

This lady with a simple smile presents some great recipes like chicken in watermelon, emu egg delicacy for even a desi village version of KFC. The food is cooked with coconut shells and all the cooking, cleaning and baking is done right under the sky, close to nature. She is an independent lady and lived alone.

Mastanamma’s Cooking Style

It begins right from the way she peels tomato with her hands and uses only the interior part in her dishes. The way she uses the ingredients is unique and this has made people fans of the Youtube channel.

The Pay Factor

The good deal is that Youtube has a good pay deal. Laxman and his friend Srinath are devoted full time to edit and upload videos. Mastanamma loves cooking and the Channel pays for her medical bills and needs.

On her birthday loves and wishes poured in from world over and there was a saree and birthday card that came from Islamabad.

The story of this ‘young’ great grandma a realization that, “It is never too late”.