OMG ! ! BJP MP Manoj Tiwari Shamelessly Mocks Indian Citizens On Demonetization – Must Watch Video


Today, every single person in India or rather in the world has their own take on the topic of ‘Demonetization’.  Which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi implemented on the evening of 8th November 2016. People of social media all of a sudden turned out to be a pseudo-economist. There are some who still naïve about his decision.

In a way, an online battle took place between those two sides who were constantly trying to prove their contrary points. However, sadly, it was the ordinary citizen of our country who was being muscled up between these fights while they were trying to deposit and withdraw their hard-earned money into the Banks and ATMs.

During such harsh times, various political leaders came into the picture with their political agendas and gave big lectures in front of these people by giving them good hopes about demonetization. One such leader was BJP MP Manoj Tiwari.

His long and rhyming songs on the demonetization issue by blossoming the feeling of patriotism into the mind of people certainly did the trick. He made them believe that standing in long queues for depositing their very own money is a sacrifice for the nation’s better future and all this was done in the name of patriotism. However, the reality of his own passion and belief on this issue can be judged in a video which is now doing rounds on social media where he is seen mocking those people for standing in queues.

Have a look at it.

In the video, he mocks the people by mimicking them and shamelessly laughing by repeating the words – ‘HUM LAGGGE RAHENGEY LINE MIE’.

This video certainly proves his mentality and the mindset of various such politicians who do not leave any stone unturned for their own gains. It’s my sincere request to all my fellow readers to not to follow such leaders and their words of WISDOM!

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