MakeUp Blunders Which Make You Look Older


Appreciating the makeup of people is just another thing for you but, did you notice some makeup blunders in the recent past that made a lady look much older?

Yes, people. Some beauty mistakes go horribly wrong these days and that makes your face look so much older than your real age. Want to know what these blunders are?

Check out the five ways stated by makeup artist Lavonne that makes your skin age really soon and how to heal such causes.

Are you a big time concealer fan?

All the ladies out there, if you’re a big fan of using concealer, then you need to apply it using the appropriate technique. Choosing the wrong shade or applying too much of concealer make the product look more prominent. The real purpose of using a concealer isn’t served that way. Do not accumulate the concealer way too much and a light touch application on the under eye area would do the best job.

 Blush, blush, blush-

Bright blush right on the apples of your cheek? It is a bad idea, though. Lavonne recommends applying the blush on the cheekbones instead. Do not go with the bright pink or red color blush. Rather choose a light shade blush for your cheekbones and make sure that you blend it perfectly to get the perfect young look.

Matte be the best-

Matte lipsticks and a gloss over it gives you the perfect shimmery look. It doesn’t look way too much. But, folks do not go around with metallic or shimmery lipsticks at once. It will drain your overall look and make you look 10 years older and you don’t want that, right?

Is contouring even important?

Contouring or highlighting the peak areas of your face can go so damn wrong at times. You got to be an expert for putting the product in the right place. Do not use heavy hands on your contour brush and be light and gentle. If it is not so necessary for you, then skip the beauty step altogether, as suggested by Lavonne.

Mascara went wrong-

Another tricky step of making is the application of mascara. For an everyday look, normal lashes are voluminous enough and they just need to be separated. Tons of mascara on your lashes would just accentuate the product there and make you look rather dull. A few swipes of the mascara brush on your lashes and you are good to go for the day.