What Makes Men Cry?


“Men are strong and men don’t cry”, this is one of those phrases which still has dominance in the society and it is because of such phrases that men hesitate to cry publicly. While such stereotype still exists in the society, some men freely confess what actually makes men cry by sharing their experiences.

  • Becoming a Dad:

    men cryBecoming a dad is in itself a moment of extreme happiness and responsibility. Where at one side one becomes happy, on the other hand it makes us remember our dad and childhood too. This can be one of the moments when men cry.

  • Music:

    men cryJust like women, men are sensitive too, and they may cry while listening to music which may be touchy or may relate to their life. Certain songs which one may have not heard in a long time may make a man cry.

  • Depression:

    men cryDepression is a mental disorder where a person irrespective of gender feels tensed and lonely. This is a psychological condition where even a man may cry because of loneliness.

  • Marriage:

    men cryMarriage is a crucial part of one’s life. It is a moment of extreme happiness where you know your life is going to change and you are finally going to spend your life with someone who is actually going to love you a lot. It may be the moment where holding back tears is a tough task, even for a man.

  • Cute dogs:

    men crySome people are so sensitive that when they see something cute like a cute dog or a puppy. They cannot just hold their tears and shed a few. Some men even confess that they cry when they see a cute dog, patted them or see someone loving their dog.

These were some of the moments where men confessed that they cried. Seems silly, but yes, it is true and now even proved that men cry too.