M.S Dhoni Stumped His Opponent Without Even Seeing The Wicket – Watch The Video


There is a reason why we call M.S Dhoni as the ‘captain cool’. Marinating captaincy, his batting forms, answering his critics and at last keeping up with the pressure ain’t that easy. Recently, he did admitted that he has been kind of loosing his ability to rotate the strike in the middle over.


With such an amount of pressure, any player would fall apart under its burden. But M.S Dhoni is not just any player. And today he proved this while he was keeping for team India in the 4th ODI match against New Zealand. It was the 45th over when Ross Taylor was batting who flicked the ball and went in for 2 runs. On his 2nd run, M.S Dhoni kept his nerves and acted quite normal even when the ball for coming towards him just so as to deceive Ross Taylor by faking his conscious.

When Ross Taylor was too close to clear his batting crease, M.S Dhoni grabbed the ball and deflected it towards the stumps without even seeing it. Since cricket is all about time, and the faster you are, the better you are, M.S Dhoni executed the run out in most efficient way possible. Check out the video for better explanation.

It was one of the amazing and awesome run outs in the history of cricket. This video soon broke out in the internet and went viral. And mind you that this run out by M.S Dhoni was not just out the luck, but it was indeed a well planned and well executed dismissal.

So in short he literally took a wicket without even seeing at the stumps. What a perfection ! ! Share your opinions about this video in the comment section below ! !