This Is What You Do When The Love Of Your Life Has Abandoned You


It’s over. They’re gone. By picking up the last of their belongings and leaving the side of the bed empty, they’ve just walked out on you. Now you’re left alone in the apartment that you thought would always belong to the both of you. You’re left staring at the closet space where their clothes and shoes used to be. You’re left with the empty photo frames that once were filled with smiling pictures of you and them.

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You thought you and them were forever. You thought they would be your person, your partner, your best-friend and your spouse for life. But it’s all just memories now. All the times you’ve spend falling asleep in each other’s’ arms, all the times they made you laugh until you couldn’t breathe. It’s all in the past now. They’re turned their back on you. They’re never coming back. They’ve shut the door on you.

What happened to all the promises? After all the broken dreams and hopes, you’re simply left wondering what the hell happened. After all the wishing, wanting and praying, you’re left in an empty house with an emptier heart.

Your heart is hurting. You’re obviously still in love and you’re pondering whether you wish you wouldn’t have met them at all or you had a chance to meet them and do it all differently. You’re left with heartbreaking goodbyes, soul-crushing memories and a hopeless longing that will haunt you for years ahead.

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This one is for you. This wasn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong. There was not a single glitch in the love you gave. Your love was whole. Your love was pure. Sometimes, the universe plays tricks. Sometimes, things are just not meant to be. You do not have to blame yourself or destroy yourself because of the death of a relationship.

Darling, you were an art before they came into your life and you’ll continue to be an art when they’re gone. Slowly, you will be able to heal. Slowly, you’ll feel like yourself. Slowly, you’ll learn how to open your heart to love again, but moreover, you’ll learn to love yourself. You’ll fill up your life with so much happiness, excitement and so many smiles that one day, for sure, you’ll be able to say that you have no place for them in your life. You will feel complete and content by just being you.