Love Doesn’t Fade Away With Age And This Old Couple Photoshoot Is An Example


Love has no eyes; Love has no age, Love has no culture nor religion, Love has no disability, Love has no gender or race. It only takes two crazy individuals to make it happen~ I read this quote sometime before that ignited a lot of feelings in my hearts.

And today we are going to talk about an elderly couple, who are just setting an example that love doesn’t fade away with age.

Carl and Ellie Fredricksen is the name of this adorable couple, and this photoshoot was made by Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova that is rich and simply overwhelming.

Have a look here:


#The magnificent eyes I have seen


#The undying gratification of love


#Love is free, like a bird 


#You can observe how beautifully they travel their journey.


#Look how they are gazing into each other’s eyes


#They are the true meaning of love


#If you don’t believe in love, you can see them


#Picture perfect 


#Carl and Ellie photographing all their lovely days spent together

Love has no age, no limit; and no death~ John Galsworthy

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