This Is Why The Love That Comes Back Isn’t Good Enough For You


Remember watching your favorite movie for the first time? The spark and the excitement you felt while watching it. How you were sitting on the edge of your seat and you couldn’t wait to watch what happens next. You would talk about it for months and you couldn’t wait to watch it again. But when you watched it again, you didn’t feel the same way. This time, you knew how it would end and the excitement was lost.

That’s exactly what happens when an old love tries to come back.

You decided to leave them for a reason. They weren’t the one for you.

But they swear they have changed over the past few months and they’ll do whatever it takes to win you back. They woo you with flowers, gifts and promises.

But this time, you know how it ends. They are the same person you decided to leave, and nothing has changed.

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That’s when you start questioning it. Should you really put yourself through the same pain, disappointment and frustration again?

No, honey, there’s nothing left in this relationship that can bring any positivity in your life. You’ve grown into a beautiful and strong person and this is not your calling anymore. This person might seem like a wonderful idea, but it’s only going to lead to the same result once again. But this time, you can decide for yourself.

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Love is a great feeling, but choosing your own peace of mind over a damaged relationship is better than anything else that this world can offer.

To move on from this will be gruesomely difficult. You’ll want to take a leap at every opportunity to take them back. But letting them go will be the best thing that happened to you.

You will get a chance to make a fresh start. You will get a chance to fall in love again because you don’t deserve a love that doesn’t come back. You deserve a love that never leaves.