Exercise alone is not an effective way to lose weight. Accordingly, you need to walk about 200 kilometres before you use up a single kilogram of your body fat. The better way of losing weight is to eat fewer kilo-joules and take more exercise.

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Combining exercise with proper and healthy diet is an effective way of losing weight.

Why not try doing regular physical exertion? This helps you brings out any excess energy you have taken in as food. Further, exercise improves your fitness and increases your sense of well-being and can change your mood and attitude. How? It triggers the release of endorphins, the chemicals in your brain responsible for making you feel calmer, happier and more clear-headed.

Lose Weight Wisely


Increase the amount of fibre in your diet because this contributes to your balanced diet and weight loss. Foods that are rich in fibre are more satisfying to eat, digested slowly and are also rich in vitamins and minerals. An example of fiber-rich foods are fruits, vegetables and other whole grain foods.

Losing weight is a long –term process. It may takes you months and even years. In short, there is no definite date when will you completely lose weight. There is no such things as miraculous crash diet in losing fats in a few days!  Even if you ate nothing at all for a week, you could only  lose 2.5 kg of body fat.


Truth behind using drugs to lose weight

Moreover, drugs are not helpful in losing weight. It will only make your problem worse. Most drugs that increase the rate at which your body uses up all of your energy have serious side-effects and are dangerous. So you should avoid them if necessary.

Look for slimming groups that will help you

While you are in the process of losing weight, don’t  your decrease food intake. Why? You will only get less nutrients and that may pose a serious health risk to you. Lastly, join a slimming group for overweight people. Members of slimming groups have successfully lost weight by helping each other to stick to their diets.

Be sure that you lose weight and at the same, you stay healthy. Everything you did will be useless if you will end up sickly. Remember, health is the most important shelter that will protect you from any types of illnesses and diseases. Your health is your wealth as people say.

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