Lend Your Ears To These 7 Animal Sounds That Calm You Down


Gone are those days when you have to search around in your city for some calm! Technology is giving a boost to this virtual bubble around you. We are giving you some simple hacks that will surely calm you down. All you have to do is just pick up your smartphone and find them online and that is how it is done. If you need your brain to release more Serotonin, then search for these:-


When a pup grumbles


Having a pet is a great feeling and they give you a mental satisfaction as well. We are sure that many people will agree to it and confirm that it is a fact. You are in for a treat when a puppy grumbles or tries to give a bark in his sweet voice. In addition, another sound that might calm you down is when your pet climbs down the stairs as someone is beating on a Djembe. It will surely give you a fit of laughter.


When your pet sneezes



This is an absolute treat for your eyes as well as ears. Your pet has the cutest sneeze you’ll ever see. Their adorable sneeze can melt hearts and in addition, when your they sniff you, the sound and feeling derived is an absolute serotonin inducer.


When your pup acts like a true gentleman


When a pup has class and simply says ‘arf’ like a true gentleman. It is not a random bark, just a lord’s way to say ‘yes I suppose’i n a gentleman’s agreement. If you ask us whether we believe that then we might also reply with an ‘arf’.


When your pet comes to you


When you have a pet  and whenever you call him, he gallops and comes bouncing to you. The sound of their hooves will definitely bring a smile to your face.


When your pet gently scratches


Another sound that does have a calming effect on us is the gentle scratch of your pet. Whether it is you rubbing their fur or when they are scratching themselves, you must try listening to it with your eyes closed. We tested it so we agree.


When a tiny piglet prances on you


Another sound that might startle you a bit is a tiny piglet prancing to you and giving out an ‘oink’ with every step. It is funny but it is ROFL funny, it is just soothing to listen to it.


When your pet is in the bath tub


Most of us love the sound of waves crashing into one another. It is a fact and we agree to it. You will get the same sound when a dog is adamant on not bathing, he/ she will simply run around the tub but not sit quietly and enjoy a bath. The sound of water does have a positive effect on human brain.

These animal sounds can soothe you, de-stress you and make you fall in love with these cute animals1! Share it with your friends too.