Kudos to the Woman Who Explained Rape In Just 11 Tweets


Rape, a heinous crime which is taken for granted in this country just because some brainless people believe “she was asking for it”. But what they fail to believe is that she never consented for anything and she said NO! Wasn’t that enough to understand that she  she didn’t like it?

We need to start talking about consents regarding these things without a shame because this is how we can make things clear and loud to them who think we are asking for it. So, Kudos to the girl @clvrarose who took an initiative to explain RAPE which was really a need in today’s world. 

clvrarose tweets about rape
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Becasue this is how a human body works.

Because it’s something which is not in one’s control. 

Make sense. 

That’s exactly how it works.

You get it? 


And the feeling is disgusting! 

Even the thought of it kills them again and again! 

True agian!~

She is clear enough to make everyone of you understand!! 

And she explained each and everything brilliantly!! So, people- who are not literate enough to understand the simple meaning of term ‘No’, it’s time to behave more like humans.