Know the Truth: 5 Gorgeous Abandoned Places of the World

stories behind the abandoned places of the world

Abandoned places are most likely to be spooky. These are mostly ruins left after a flood, or some other disasters. They remind of the world on the other side and stay as an eerie memory of the incident. Being abandoned, they also let you have a sneak-peak into a realm without humans.

These have been fascinating places long back, and this is what has become of them after being left abandoned. Some have retained their beauty, yet they bring chills.

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  1. Jet star Rollercoaster – New Jersey

jeststar roller coaster devastated by sandy storm

The rollercoaster ride owned by Casino Pier was one of the most adventurous rides sitting on the coast of New Jersey. On October 29, 2013, Superstorm Sandy hit the coastal area and pulled in the amusement pier along with it. The ride resurfaced after six months as a reminiscence of a storm.

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2. Bicycle in a Growing Tree

Bicycle in abandoned tree

There are several stories spun around the owner of this bicycle. The picture is from Vashon Island in Washington. Some say that the boy left for war leaving the cycle at the tree while some other have stories of the person leaving the island. The place has become a tourist attraction where people stare and wonder how the tree wound around the bicycle and yet grew upwards.

3. Remains of Spain’s Creepy Doll Factory

Abandoned doll factory of spain

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We are used to seeing creepy dolls in most horror movies like Annabelle. Nacho Labrador, an explorer first discovered this place which seemed to be abandoned in a hurry. The place has heads, torsos and other doll parts left all over the place. He was not the first person to visit the place. The traveler who trespassed the factory before Nacho, had warned people not to visit the factory as it is cursed. The location is not known, but you can well go on a spooky search.

4. Abandoned Church in Netherlands

Abandoned church

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There has been no specific reason as to why the church was left abandoned. The picture was captured by a photographer while he was surfing in urban Netherland. These may seem like actual people, but they are statues covered with cloth. The ghosts were added by an artist, Jakub Hadrava. Do not be relieved by that, there are very many creepy stories reported in the church.

5. Shipwrecks of Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle shipwreck

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle still remains a mystery. Over 300 ships have been wrecked in the area. About 20 of them lay close to the shoreline and give an eerie feeling of the lives lost. This is said to be caused due to the underwater reefs, if you ought to believe the scientific explanation. Probably you should try taking a ride.

Have you been to any of this place? Know of some other more creepier abandoned places? Share with us.