Did You Know Why Some Stores Are Expensive AF! Read Below!


Have you ever wondered the different kinds of strategies stores use to make you spend more money?

If not, then this is your perfect stop. Get a glance at the various tricks that supermarket owners play to get more bucks out of your pocket.


Welcoming with the shopping carts

You might have noticed the huge shopping carts present at the entrance of a supermarket. Well, this invention of the late 1930s was meant to facilitate the shopping of a lot of goods. But, the stores keep them in front as they expect you to fill them up. So, go with the small baskets instead.

Cakes, flowers, etc. at the front-end:


The tempting smell of the baked goods and the flowers turns on the jolly part of your mood and then you’re more likely to shed off more bucks from your wallet.


All the colors in the front-


A variety of bright colors placed together generally make you feel really happy. This is the strategy of the supermarket people to place the colorful goods in front and get you in the proper mood to shop more.


High-end products at the eye level-


The products that the store people want you to buy will be placed at your eye level, generally the high rated products. Look up and down and find a similar product at less rate.


Slow classical music-


   Slow, soothing music renders a calm mood altogether. By this strategy, you are going to go all slow and steady in the supermarket and make more purchase.


The color strategy-


The stores invite you with warm colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. But, as soon as you enter the arena, you will find bright colors like blue and green, that provokes you to spend more.


Dairy products at the end wall-


Since the store owners want you to travel the entire supermarket premises in order to catch hold of maximum products, they tend to place the dairy products at the very end. This will make you go through the entire store in order to pick some dairy products.


The big store-


Even if the store isn’t essentially big, they will make you feel that it is enormous. Because you tend to shop really fast if there are too many people in the store and the place is altogether crowded and uncomfortable.


Some more temptation-


Even when you are checking out from the store, they will try to tempt you a little more by placing some amazing goodies at the checkout section. If you fall for this temptation, then you pick up some more products.


App of the store-


They even encourage you to download their app on your mobile phones and register with the app. After the registration, they will keep messaging you forever about the sale and the offers, so that you order the products or visit the store to pick up some more goods.


Free shipping-


The free shipping tendency is even another strategy to place an order with the app. If you are running out of a product, you may order it online on their app but, that doesn’t fetch any good to you. They will deliver the product in 10-12 days whereas you can easily visit a grocery store to pick all the necessities.


The Refund Policy-


The stores guarantee you money refund if you are not happy with the product that is delivered to you thus, tempting you even further.

All of us tend to fall for such frivolous temptations and spend even more money than required.