Did You Know About These Secret Places Hidden in These Famous Locations


When we were kids we were always on a mission to find and explore new places.We wanted to discover something new out of ordinary things. Our tiny brains never stopped imagining. However, as we grew up, some of us stopped believing in such things while others kept searching. And for those who haven’t given up, here are the secret places hidden in famous locations.

1. Mount Rushmore, U.S.

It turns out that sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s original vision for Mt. Rushmore was a slight bit more elaborate. Among other things, it included full torsos for each of the presidents, and the entire mountain was to be carved into the shape of the Louisiana Purchase. Once logic, reason, and money set in, Borglum settled on an idea for a “Hall of Records” where a repository of important U.S. documents could be stored for future generations. Borglum’s death in 1941 stopped the project … but not before he had already begun blasting for it.

2.The Eiffel Tower, France

The suite is nothing massive, but it belonged to Gustave Eiffel, the tower’s creator. While he was alive, he denied everyone access to the suite, though it is now open to the public. It was said that the hidden suite was once used to store the gun powder or to keep the prisoners for punishing them.

3. Grand Central Station

There’s a hidden train platform in Grand Central Station. The purpose of this hidden track, known as track 61, was for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s private use. It was suspected he did this to hide that he was suffering from polio. The track was first used in 1938 by General Pershing but hasn’t been used since FDR’s time. Is this the stop for America’s very own Hogwarts Express!

4. The Disney Land

The idea of secret ‘Club 33’ bumped in. Now the question is, where is this Club 33? Near the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride, there hides a nondescript door with just ‘33’ written on it and this is the Club 33 we’re talking about. Club 33 is an exclusive member’s only section that you can join for $10,000 plus an annual fee of $3,500. To add to your knowledge, this is the only place in the amusement park that serves alcohol.

5. The Empire State Building, New york

The Empire State Building is the fourth tallest building in the world with a height of 1,250 feet. It is a 102-story skyscraper.
To your shock, there is an outdoor observatory on the 103rd floor with panoramic views of New York City. Another interesting fact about this observatory is that it has no usual safety features of the lower observation stations and is exclusively reserved for celebrities and high paying observers.