Did you know an intensive stretch-out regime is the key to muscle gain?


When you ask just anyone about a desirable masculine body, you’ll definitely get to hear about the big attractive arms with voluptuous round delts and appealingly sensuous wide back. Who wouldn’t desire a stout built and toned up muscles. Did you know that though stretching is never given much emphasis in an intense workout regime, it is indeed the key to muscle gain?

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However, you won’t be spared of the grump frosty nose look if you ask a muscle-man to stretch up. But now, when you tell them that it is the key to muscle gain they may actually listen and mix some flexibility enhancement to their core training.

Check out the cool and intense stretching that won’t take much of your time either.

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The Plank Compilation for muscle gain

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The benefit of planks is already known to all fitness enthusiasts. However,  switching between the various possible postures in an ultimate plank compilation helps to bolster your core; pumping the extra blood circulation to all major muscles of the body in one workout. 3 sets with a 30-second hold shall suffice.

Tip- Add a light weight to the planks for flaunting the strong arms.

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Supine-Low­-Back Stretch Set

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Lie on the floor with face up, fold your knees and slowly bring it as close as possible to your chest. Hold for 10-20 seconds and return to starting position. Thereafter, place your feet flat on the surface of the floor with your knees bent at right angle to your body.Flip open your legs to allow your knees roll over sideways almost to touch the floor without changing the position. 3-4 complete set of these Supine-Low­-Back Stretches nourish your back muscles and increase the endurability of muscle fibres throughout the lower body.

Tip – Pilates can enhance both posture and performance when teamed up with stretching.

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Foam roll stretching to improve flexibility

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Foam Rolling is the safest and most intense stretching that target the thigh muscles and enhance better mobility control. The use of foam for fitness prop also reduces chances of injury – your spine is spared from being prone to jolts and twinges. Besides it also reduce inflammation, scar tissue, joint stress and back pain to prepare the body to adapt to more stannous exercises aimed at muscle gain.

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