Interstellar Is An Overrated Film. Here’s Why!

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Interstellar is sought as a modern marvel and rightly so. People love it because of the emotional quotient that it triggers and more because of the fact that it is a Nolan film – a great one at that!


That might be. But I, personally, believe it to be on the lines of Inception. Agreed it was a great concept and film. But like that age old formula to make a successful TV Series where you take a genius and put him in different scenarios (Scofield in Prison Break, Sheldon Cooper in TBBT, Mike in Suits and most currently Elliot in Mr. Robot, et al) and you get a sure shot hit, Nolan saved the time here by replicating Inception (and time slowness) and creating it in outer space.

One of the other reasons for not liking it was his, arrogance of not making it in 3D when we have a Gravity with such stupendous outcomes. Gravity with a similar environment absolutely nails it. The special effects are top notch and make Interstellar look like a video game. The scenes where the space shuttle speeds up into blackhole and the one where it enters the planet with humongous waves – seem obsolete.


People often defend Interstellar by saying that it doesn’t lack emotional quotient as much as Gravity does. I stand to disagree.

It would be unfair to Gravity by saying it lacked emotional aspects. Had that been the case, Bullock wouldn’t have received an Oscar nom against Interstellar, which didn’t receive even a single nomination in acting category.


All I am saying is that, Nolan took 10 years to write Inception. Which for me is exceptionally good. To me, Interstellar is an extended version of Inception and I am just not sold out on the crops getting all corrupt and the whole finding an answer outside and everything. The time loop is what mattered in Inception, the time loop is what matters in Interstellar.

We sure hope Nolan rocks Dunkirk, like he always does!