These Illustrations By An Israeli Artist Could Sum Up Your Married Life


Yehuda Adi Devir is an Israeli Comic Illustrator based out of Tel Aviv, who does his usual logos, book illustrations etc. during the day, as you would expect of a Graphic Designer. But by the night, this rather humongous Graphic Designer uses his everyday life replete with Nadir and turns it into a rather adorable graphic strip.

The strip refers to his misadventures with his married life and revolves around him and his beautiful wife Maya, who too is a graphic designer by profession. These comic strips have the same undercurrents as all you must have felt during your own married life- from the early morning cuddles to the when-I-am-down-and-need-a-hug moments, this is probably the only comic which has made me really go aww and turn all googly eyed.

1.The Early Morning Separations are always so hard

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2. Please don’t leave me, ever

3.”Honey can I turn on the cold water?”“Nah, I think we are doing just fine”

4. When you feel like you are good for nothing! (Which is almost always)

5.The Hot-Cold Feet Paradigm

6. When the wife decides to go all Master Chef

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7. And then the Exterminator

8. At the end of Logan

9. When you don’t want to display your beer belly

10. Almost, always

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