Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Rush To Mend Your Broken Heart


You might feel like the world is caving in on you. You might feel like you can’t breathe, you can’t eat and you can’t sleep. Time is passing by but you have no idea about what’s happening around you. You would spend endless nights thinking about how the scenario would have played out differently or if you had a chance to be transported into a parallel universe where nothing has changed.

Trust me, all the sleepless nights weren’t spent in vain. If you had tears in your eyes up till the last minute of staying awake for the day, don’t rush to escape reality just yet. Processing a heart-break is probably the most difficult thing anybody has to go through. The reason could be different for every relationship, but the feelings of hurt, longing and loneliness that follow are the same.

You feel like you’re never going to get out of this. You feel that your life has come to a stop and the one person who was supposed to save you from the grief has ended up putting you in that place. But believe me when I say this, you will stop feeling this way. Eventually, the tears will dry and you will get up from that miserable place.

You’re bigger than this and you’re stronger than this. You have the power to overcome this and you will. Don’t let anyone hurry you into healing yourself because you’re allowed to take your own sweet time. No one understands the whirlwind that you’re going through each day and how you’re barely managing to hold it together. It’s just you and only you.

For the time being, embrace the sadness. Let it flow through your veins and experience every bit of it. Soak it up so that you can let it go all at once. Cry until you can cry no more. But once you’re done crying, get up and never go back to what broke you.

You alone have the strength to pull yourself out of this. Your life may seem hopeless and hollow for now, but you deserve much more. Your time will come and you will be glad that you made it through the dark forests.

Give it time and you will know how truly beautiful you are. Your scars will shape you and make you indestructible. You may have fallen now, but this will let you know how capable you are. Just because you’re going through a difficult time, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve greatness.

You were made for amazing things and they will come to you, in time.