Here’s how music can help reduce stress and anxiety

Music for your mental and physical health

The moment you feel miserable, it seems that the clouds that once coalesced into a blissful journey of life now want to take their own shape and drift apart because you’re feeling sad and somehow nothing seems to alleviate it. Once a tough cookie, but today you feel downhearted and despairing, come rain or shine.

Would you believe if I say that music can take responsibility for your happiness?

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Music is the secret to your happiness


Music is often overlooked as therapeutic intervention: singing, listening, and creating music of any kind will provide an immediate biological and psychological benefit for everyone.


Music has biological and psychological benefits to offer

Although there are many things you can do to make it easier for yourself to relax, such as updating your Facebook status, a short holiday or just loll about at home, away from the hustles and bustles of the city life yet music is one such element of enjoyment that can soothe your nerves and calm your mind.


Music soothes our mind

As a matter of practical facts, all is not hunky dory with one’s life and there are many aspects of life that are inherently stressful, but it’s all about how you cope with stress and take up activities that help ease your tension. One such activity is definitely some music.


When music hits you, you feel no pain

In fact, music can be a sweet escape and antidote to most psychological challenges: that’s why people sing in the shower and while driving the car, or simply listen to music that’s inspiring and distracting from emotional upset. If you’ve spent a grueling eight to nine hours at work like you have been doing for the past decades, you must turn on some music at home and get over the reverberating honking cars and the chaos on the way to sweet and serene home.


Music can lighten up busy day


As we grow up, we realize that we are no strangers to the spoilt, swish set from the suburbs, taxing and strenuous work surroundings, end of relationships or an old friendship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dumped or you are the dumper, ending a relationship that once promised love, companionship, can be terribly debilitating. While grieving is important, it is vital to revoke the trauma and inculcate an “I will attitude” that’ll help you along the path to recovery. Music can be the last word on all things stressful.


Music helps relieve stress

If your inner self embraces the compulsive urge for a change, music can take all the merit. It’s even suggested to the patients that they sing their way out of the blues. Theoretically, this intervention would fall under the umbrella of cognitive behavioral therapy.


Cognitive-Behavioral Music Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Music Therapy

Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” This concept is the basis of cognitive therapy: to change your feelings, you need only to change the way you’re thinking about your situation.

So if you’re on a holiday amidst the region’s most picturesque castles, ski resorts, quaint streets and jaw dropping epic landscape, and still feeling stressed and entangled in worries, let a bit of music cajole you.


Music is life
Music is life