Here’s Why Failures Are Important Learning Step To Achieve Your Goals


Success is something every single person wants to achieve but they are afraid of failures at the same time. People are ready to believe that “It wasn’t on their luck” rather accepting the fact that others have worked their tooth and nail to get what they have.

“Giving up because of fear is not a solution”

It is well- known that “a Stone which is afraid of enduring pain can never be a statue”. True isn’t it? Life is fair I believe, one has done enough what is required to achieve their goals then there’s nothing which can stop it not even fate.

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“No One Is A Perfectionist”

While struggling to reach our goals, we learn a lot from failures. A person who gets success without doing hard work and facing failures can never have it for a longer period. Perfectionist? no one is. Everyone has their own weaknesses. May not be the same but every person out there has a fear. Getting over your weaknesses and fears is what leads to a path of achievements.

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“Turning the coal into Diamonds”

Now, the important aspect of this whole essay is “how can we learn from our mistakes”? There are various ways though I have the list of three most common ones- Firstly, “Turning the coal into Diamonds” i.e. Seeing your mistakes as opportunities. Every mistake has some hidden which is required to be learnt in order to get the next step.

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Never limit yourself”

Limiting yourself is called confining yourself from the learning which can be the ladders to your dreams.

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“Never stop performing”

Stop doing efforts after getting fail is some attempts is the worst decision people make. Doing every possible thing to make your dream true is what is required. That can only happen if you would try and try harder every time you fail.

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“Constant Success”

Concluding the above, in my opinion, Failure can teach you more than constant success. Learning is the part of life. After falling a number of times when a 5-year-old child never gives up on his bicycle, then why can’t we have the courage to learn from our mistakes?

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