Here’s Everything About Online Dating That You’ve Been Doing Wrong


The advent of technology has made everyone a Global citizen and human interactions got easier online. No place on this Earth is unreachable anymore. With online dating being a hot cake nowadays, everyone is eager to know how to give it the best shot. Online dating is definitely better, rather the revamped version. Unlike conventional dating, it takes you in search of a sassy ideal date beyond the local pub’s clientele and at the same time, you have selectivity about who you want to connect with and whom you intend to cut-out.

Here are some simple yet incredible dating advice to stuck the cupid’s arrow right away. Just play by the rules!

1. online dating profile needs to be perfect, but make it look original


Be it the conventional first date or online dating; 1st impression needs to be perfect. Go catchy but don’t go overboard to make it exaggerated. People like candy floss introduction but what they like more is being yourself. So, punch in the exact word that you feel describe you the best n sugar coat it a little. A well written expressive dating profile is bound to get the reader besotted.

2. Avoid cliches, they make you sound like braggarts

If you tend to use too many self-obsessed quotes or pickup line redo in your online dating profile stop doing that right now. Probably every second profile imposes something or the other of a similar kind which actually may dwindle your appeal. Stick to personalised info and evince your individuality, lest you wanna portray yourself as a wannabe.

3. Sexy photos are definitely the ice-cracker but choose them wisely

Besides matching your perspective and agenda of dating, the pictures you choose to make your online dating profile sumptuous shouldn’t be only about a good glimpse of your assets. Rather, it needs to be tempting enough for encouraging the imagination of the profile viewer. As the wise old saying goes, “enough to cover-up but too open to intrigue about what lay beneath the cover”. Don’t use too much beauty apps though, you better be recognisable and look like profile avatar when you guys meet up for the first time.

4. Active profiles get more attention, so keep on with frequent updates

Strictly, no lame close-up pout of you in pyjama or the banal bathroom mirror ” wanna be hotty” typecast. You don’t have to click a perfect selfie for every mood either. All you need is to try and not let your dating profile look dormant. Post when you get a new haircut or try some exotic food, perhaps update a new place you explored recently. Be cautious not to overdo it though, for desperation is a pitfall as far as online dating is concerned.

5.  Limit the first conversation to a short one but sound sassy

Well, holding back has its boon for sure. If you’re the voracious conversationist type please do keep a check on the duration of your first interaction. Just in case you are a person of few words find the wittiest ones to keep the flame of interest burning. There should be a status quo between letting the other know you adequately but not enough to lose your “intriguing” charm; for sometimes a little room for imagination helps get involved in thoughts, leaving much to discuss the next time.

6. Keep your assumptions at bay, it’s time to explore the possibilities

It is human nature to co-relate, but when trying your luck on some online dating platform you better avoid being unnecessarily judgmental. Remember, not all books could be judged by its cover. Furthermore, it’s  fun to uncover a romantic interest without much presumptions. So, hold on tight for a whole new ride.

7. Patience is a versatile virtue,

Unlike french fries, everything else might just take a little longer than you expected, sometimes too long. If it is about online dating the waiting period is ought to get quite irksome. It’s best to stay cool and dodge the insecurities every time you feel ignored. Patience is all it takes, you better not lose patience for it can either make or break a connection. You don’t have to behave clingy or desperate, in any case just swipe till you find another awesome match.

8. The old cliche always works best

Dealing with dating dilemmas often?  Well, the best way to ensure you choose the right option is to keep yourself on the receiving end so that you can reciprocate exactly the way you’d want others to respond to your love beckon. This has always been the proven formulae; the golden rule to set your new love connection on the desired course.

9. Remember to be yourself, nothing beats the natural appeal


No fake identity, flamboyant fabrication of details or exaggerated “about me” column does any good in finding the right connection over an online dating profile.  Your individuality is worth the love you seek, so wait for it. Do not be tempted to pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress your love interest; for lies does fade and truth prevails.