Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss And Good Health


On everyday basis, we indulge in the food habits that may do more harm than good for us. There are some usual tricks of the trades such as using more vegetables, dry fruits and fruits. The delicious dishes face the fear of come down on the taste aspect but there are some crazy recipes out there which can turn your food even more delicious along with making it healthier. Here are a few among them for you to see.

Cashews in Mac and Cheese-

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Avoiding dairy as much as you can is the golden rule of losing weight and being healthy. Dairy is harder to digest for many of us and that is why we tend to avoid it. Replacing cashews instead of milk in spicy mac and cheese is a good deal. However, cashew in itself is not a low calorie but, still better than dairy in more than ways.

Cauliflower for Potatoes-

Potato may be a vegetable but it is known to have quite a bit of carbs and calories. Using cauliflower will help with the calories and carbs but you may have to give up a little bit on the creamy taste courtesy of potatoes. Cauliflower won’t make you feel stuffed. Recipes that involve mashing and blending potatoes are the best to replace it with.

Mushrooms instead of Bread-

Burgers and sandwiches are the gold standard of every fast food in the world. They are exceptionally delicious and severely unhealthy but they are everywhere. But here is a catch; you may not have to give up on them yet. Roasted mushrooms can do pretty good if used instead of buns in the burgers. Lettuce wraps are somehow okay, but do you see any harm in wanting a little bit more?

Chickpeas instead of Wheat-

Chickpea Flour in a bowl
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Gluten allergies are not as common as the dairy or peanut allergies for that matter but they are growing and the worse thing about it all, most of the people suffering from it don’t know they are gluten sensitive. In any case, eating grains is no better than fresh veggies. Rather than going for the regular wheat flour, you need to go for the chick pea flour, which happens to be easily available on the stores.

Swap Sweet potatoes for Noodles-

We all are aware of what the combination of zucchini and noodles does for out taste buds. But it isn’t the only vegetable you shall be using to make your pasta more delicious a dish than any other. The sweet potatoes can be a perfect replacement for them. They are unprocessed and carries some complicated carbs than could wonders both with the taste and the health factor attached to them.

There are many ways to make the food more healthy and delicious. You see, experiment is the key. Doesn’t matter if you are going to end up ruining a dish or two, but it all will be worth it in the end.