This Harry Potter Themed Cafe Of Singapore Actually Serves Literal Goblet of Fire


Are you fond of the Harry Potter series or craving a little magic in your lives and secretly want to live the life exactly Harry, Ron, and Hermione lived? Fortunately, you have a chance too!

Yes, you can live the JK Rowling’s wizarding world in Singapore’s cafe called Platform 1094. And, the most important thing this cafe serves a drink named ‘Goblet of Fire.’

So, why are you waiting? Here’s your chance to a pretty great consolation:

#Here we are presenting ‘Platform 1094’ that will help you relive all of the fond memories of Harry Potter one more time.

Make the magic happen

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#Here is a video of the ‘Goblet of Fire’


#The food here is so yummy!

scrumptious food @platform1094

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#They’ve got some pretty identical dresses in the cafe too!

Always magical with them ✨

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#This is how the menu of Platform 1094 looks like.

The wizarding makan place for hardcore Potterheads 🗝

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#Doesn’t it look like something from the world of Harry Potter?Indeed it is!


#What out this magical Accio Dessert!

Accio dessert!😍

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#And, here all in one picture 

Wizard brunch @ Platform1094

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