Happy 35th Birthday Kate Middleton: Blessed With An Amazing Fashion Sense


Kate Middleton turns 35 years old today. She is ceremoniously known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Being the Duchess she has always fulfilled her responsibilities well as she has supported a lot of charity events. Once an airline pilot she loves taking photographs and in 2010, she was selected as the most influential people by Times Magazine. Apart from all the good qualities she has, among them, the most distinctive is her fashion sense. Her fashion statement of another level altogether. The world eagerly awaits as to what she will wear and how will she look when she makes a public appearance. This is an ode to her on her special day.

Happy Birthday Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

1. Meeting the Olympic and Paralympic Stars

Here she met them at the reception party where she greeted everyone with a warm smile. She was looking astonishing in a midi poppy print dress.

2. Attending a health awareness event

Here she attended the world mental day event. The light pink dress which she chose to wore made her look more beautiful.

3. Cornwall Visit

I think she loves the pink color and its different shades too. Her knee length dresses make her look the modern princess.

4. Wimbledon Finals

She was an athlete. She played numerous games when she was in her school and had set records as well. She came to witness the Men’s singles final wearing a dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

5. Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

She just knows the perfect dress for any occasion. At the Queen’s birthday lunch she wore a formal dress with her beautiful hair open.

6. Party at Kensington Palace

This was the first time ever when a Duchess wore something so transparent. Yet she was looking magnificent in her royal blue gown.

7. Visiting the XLP Project London Wall

This looks like the cloth which my mother uses for her household chores.

8. Attending the premiere of Spectre in London

This dress was designed by Jenny Packham. Even though the dress simple and elegant the looks of the dress were enhanced by a glittery waistband and a clutch.

9. Visit to China

Red and Royalty are like the synonym of each other. This is how she visited the People’s Republic of China, isn’t she looking gorgeous with her crown adding extra cookies to her looks.

10. Visit a Children’s Centre in West Midlands

Kate knows how to dress perfectly with a baby bump. The blue and green floral dress made her look entrancing.

11. This is what she wore for her first Royal Ascot

A white lacy dress and you look angelic.

12. This is one of the looks when she visited Canada

13. Inauguration of Heads Together event

This is how alluring the royalty looks in Royal blue. This combination of shirt and skirt made her look dazzling.

In the end, it is always said that God has no one perfect even if is blessed with an amazing fashion sense but the time when she visited India in 2016 her dress troubled her a lot while she was paying her tribute at the India Gate.

But Kate the world always awaits your fashion statement because even if you are not the best you are one of the best.