Guys gossip more than girls


A decade ago, Gossiping had an alternative name called girls. The word is out and it is wrong officially.

A study has been proved that guys gossip more than girls.

It appears to be shocking, but it is a fact now. A drunk man would obviously gets into a different trance to gossip and turns out to be extremely senseless or the other way around.


Guys do have fun and there is fun in gossiping

fun in gossiping

It is just a matter of a few hours or days to gel together with another guy, who is enthusiastic about the same topics with same tastes.

A Chat about sports & movies could be never ending and two good speakers make a wonderful gossip about players & their personal lives.

It is intentional that gossiping will start and ends like a fun session. A gossip about unknown rules of the unknown century creates a weird feeling and guys enjoy the feel and continue to talk for a long time. Guys do get to have little information about other guys and girls in the office premises, there is always a way to bully your friends by passing out an impartial information to destroy his image in a funny way.

This helps other guys to gossip with others, as they would not be able to gossip with girls since it is a matter of prestige.


It requires creativity and patience

Gossiping is an art


The Gossiping is an art, where you get to speak about a person by thinking so much. When you think logically, you would not have thought about all those aspects about yourself. In order to be interesting, you need to be creative in making things out perfectly without affecting the actual fact much. Gossiping works out only when you have too many people thinking about the same person in a semi-negative way.

It requires a great amount of patience to prove that you are actually saying the fact despite gossiping. In a workplace, there is always a room to be a good boy before you actually start gossiping. This takes time, as guys usually do not trust anybody in a short span. You need to ensure that you have enough amount of patience, to find a fellow colleague who gossips or to let someone find you.


Gossiping can be a great means of communication

Gossiping communication

In a work place, gossiping about salaries, other opportunities in different companies, promotions and best practices could result in a positive way. These topics are good to be communicated, as you get to know the professional lies and facts. You get to learn better techniques to survive in the company for along time.

A professional Gossip could end up getting knowledge about the outside world. You get to understand your boss and coworkers by their attitude towards work and their style of working. Opportunities in other companies could give out an important information about our growth and a nice chance to know the options to grow.