The, popularly known as Google Chrome or free web browser, was invented with purpose. It make things possible in our hand.

On the other hand, its functions are to help us have easier access to information we need; serve as our bridge in reaching our loved ones through online communication; provide opportunity for us to land an online job or to grow our business and; give us opportunities to explore all corners of the world.

Really, we cannot deny the fact that this simple but complicated web browser became a hidden shadow every second of our life.

In this article, you will find out how to use Google Chrome easily and what are the seven six tips and tricks for beginners.


1. 1. Omnibar – Address bar

The main appearance of google chrome

Once you open the Google Chrome, omnibar is the very first thing that will appear on your computer monitor screen. Moreover, this is where you will display URLs, links  or anything you want to search. In other words, it serves as a key to all information circulating around the globe.

Tip 1: Follow the steps below when changing your default browser to other search            providers.

a. First, go to the Home Page. You can see this in the top right corner of your computer’s browser.

b. Then, select Settings.

c. Lastly, you can now change your default search engine. In the Settings, there are many more to explore!

Tip 2: When you start to type letters in the address bar, you will notice that there are some words automatically appear below the address bar even if you did not finish typing the whole word you want to search. This is called instant search. You can disable/enable the instant search under Search Category in the settings.



2.  2. Custom Search within an opened site




Tip 1: Google Chrome has give you the chance to search in an opened site. It is easy to  do! Lets take as an example here.

a. First, go to Omnibar and type,

b. Then, click enter.

c. Next, click the first search result of Sometimes, the browser will  automatically direct you to the amazon page upon clicking Enter.

d. You will see the Custom Search below the address bar.

3. 3. Manage Tabs




Tip 1: You can create many tabs above the address bar as many as you can. Also, you  can drag tabs to one position to another position/one window to another window.

Tip 2: You can pin tabs you want. To do this, point the arrow to the tab you want to pin.  Right click and select ‘Pin Tab’. You will notice that the tab get smaller and it cannot be  closed unless you will unpinned it.

4. 4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip 1: Google Chrome make you a list of all keyboard shortcuts. You can grab the  complete list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts  in

5. 5. Sync your browser preferences

Tip 1: Sign in to Google Chrome using your google account. You will see frequent visited  pages, open tabs on all mobiles and computers you used, apps, history, bookmarks,  and many others. Just explore and you will find awesome features in Google Chrome!

6. 6.Google Chrome Incognito Mode


Tip 1: This is refer to as Private Browsing Mode. Its functions do not cover the saving of  browsing preferences but is is crucial when you are using Google Chrome on other’s  desktop.

All in all, you have now the six easy tips on how to use Google Chrome without hassle. There are more to know about Google Chrome. You only have to be a loyal friend of Google Chrome. How? Don’t limit yourself to what you only know about Google Chrome. Keep on navigating it!