Get Rid Of The Funk In These Easy Tips


Every one of us, especially the young ones have some big dreams in their eyes, the present generation is a breed of dreamers. But every now and then, there comes a time when we don’t even feel like getting out of the bed. That situation is called a funk. Sadness is the biggest culprit behind these feelings of funk. However, opposed to the popular opinion, being in a funk might not be such as bad thing itself. It’s not just a sign or weakness, it’s just your dreams are going through a stage where you are thinking about them in practical terms and not emotional.

However, acceptance is the key and there are a few things that you could do in order to let go of the funk quite easily.


 You have to accept the very fact in every area of your life that you are solely responsible for what happens to you. We as humans are in a habit of blaming others for the dreaded situations that we find ourselves in. Getting rid of the funk is only possible if you are ready to accept that you are the cause behind it and its only up to you to get out of it. There are only two ways to deal with any problem, either lying in the bed all day or to go out and work towards solving it, the choice is yours.


Change the Norm


 You are a human being and not a robot really. When things get monotonous we tend to get irritated and that is one other risk for the funk induced sadness. Change the schedule, take a few days off from the office every now and then and do something you really love. Travelling and weekend getaways are for that only. And in no time, you will feel refreshed and happy. You can also try a new hobby or maybe take a different route for the office on some days.


Find Positive People


 Most of the times, we don’t even realise it, but our way of thinking is highly influenced by the people around us. In case we are surrounded with negative people and their negative emotions all the time, we might struggle to find the true joy in life. So, here is the sure shot way to be happy almost all the times, find good people who ooze out positively and that would be channelled inside of you.


Stop Fighting Reality


 If you are one of those who thinks that nothing is out of your control then you are, sadly enough, mistaken. The world moves at its own speed and you should accept the fact that you can’t control each and everything around you. So, let go of things that don’t belong to you and move on. Don’t fight the reality, face it. It may be cruel but in the end, its what you have to accept one way or the other.

Funk is not good for the personal and professional life. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful gift that life is.