Galaxy Note 7 – The Rise and Fall!


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had a rough few months. It went from being the hottest device in the market to actually exploding. It rose to the top and went crashing down within a matter of days. But all of that is too much to keep up with and luckily for you we have summed it up.

The Rise and Fall

Samsung introduced it’s latest device-The Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

It was the most stunning mobile on the market jam packed with it’s features such as  A big beautiful AMOLED screen, excellent camera, an Iris scanner, some seriously useful S-Pen tools and a big battery that lasted for hours in a beautiful glass body with metal edges and a dual curved display.

Sales were off the charts for Samsung for they had finally got their combinations right and built the perfect smartphone for their consumers.


But…. then a lot of them burst into flames, literally!

The Note 7’s battery turned out to be defective which made the phones explode. The battery was slightly too big for its compartment and the tight space pinched the battery, causing a short circuit which lead to the phone going up in flames.

Now this was no isolated incident. It happened all over the world.

Matters got so bad that the company advised to power down an older Note 7, and to  not switch it on or charge it, and to go to the point of purchase to arrange an exchange.It even got banned on flights. The replacement  was not an easy decision for Samsung to make for as soon as they did this Shares of the electronics giant dropped 17% as the problem started wiping out $14.3 billion in market. Samsung recalled 2.5 million handsets offering a free replacements which cost them over $1 billion dollars.

But sales in China were not halted as the battery manufacturer for the Note 7s sold in china was a different one.


But what was bad news for Samsung was the best thing that happened to Apple as it put off Samsung’s ultimate flagship by months just in time for Apple to launch it’s ultimate iPhone. Samsung effectively lost the first month of sales of the new handset – and as the market moves on (to handsets such as the iPhone 7 Plus) the Note 7 is not only going to be ‘old’ but also ‘that handset that caught fire’ (Which puts off a lot of customers).

On October 3rd 2016, Samsung officially announced the relaunch of the Galaxy Note7 across the globe.

The new batch of phablets were ready and had been shipped to all partners, retailers, and carriers.

It should be free of defective batteries and hopefully, of stuck S-Pen styluses (Here’s looking at you Note 5). So, with the Note 7 back in the game and the iPhone 7 Plus still a rarity out there, the game may not be completely lost for Samsung just yet.



How to know if your Note 7 is safe:

To help users easily understand if they have a new device and  use their new Galaxy Note7 with confidence, the company has introduced a Green Battery icon that has been included in three specific software changes.

The new green battery icon will be visible on:

1) The Status Bar

2) The Always On Display screen

3) The Power Off prompt screen, which can be accessed by long-pressing the power key.


Additionally, users can easily check if they are using the new Galaxy Note7 by looking for a square symbol on the label of the packaging box as below.


Now you know the right Samsung Note7 to buy!