Gained Some Weight?? Adopt These 10 Healthy Substitutes In 2017, To Shed Those Extra Pounds Easily.


We all want to look smart and slim and beautiful along with healthy body and mind. But every third person is not happy with their body shape, size and weight and the reason are obesity. And we all want to shed those extra pounds. Here we have 10 healthy food substitutes that will work, just try them out!

Green Tea:

Drink green tea instead of coffee. As green tea has so many benefits that keep you, physically fit strong. So, make a habit of drinking unsweetened green tea in the morning.

No Sugar:


Try to avoid the intake of sugar in your everyday life. Instead, you can use honey or herbal sweeteners.

Whole Wheat:


When you buy bread, try buying multi-grain bread or bread with quinoa and flax seeds that are nutritious for the body.

No Pasta:


Avoid Pasta! As it has a huge amount of calories. And you won’t be able to lose those extra pounds!

Use Stairs:

Using stairs is the best way to lose weight and be fit.


Make a timetable for daily exercise as exercising keeps you fit healthy and is very helpful to burn fat and warm-up your body.


We all have that hunger feeling at night and what we do is, eat snacks and candies. But you must avoid it as it is not healthy for the body so eat something that’s energetic not fatty.


Use yogurt instead of sour cream for dips. As it is the best one to lose weight, and also you can eat yogurt at nighttime, at the time of breakfast in the morning or even at lunch.


 Try to avoid all those frying and the batter baking. It’s better to steam all your vegetables or grill them. As grilling is always the better option.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is good for hair, but it is not only good for your hair but also for cooking purpose. It cures you of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Thus, these were some of the best healthy substitutes that you must bring into your daily life if you want to be fit and healthy and want to shed those extra pounds!