Forbes 2016 List Of Highest Paid YouTubers Will Leave You In Surprise! No. 3 Is A Real Surprise.


Making money on the YouTube is the new fad nowadays, and many celebrities are made each year and brought prominence to a lot of people. But what we layman don’t see is the potential gold mine that youtube carries, with the highest grossing earner making around 105,000,000 Indian rupees.

So here we look at the hottest and highest grossing YouTubers for the year 2016 per Forbes(Management and Taxes have NOT been accounted for.

1. Pewdiepie

What he does: Makes “Let’s Play” videos showcasing a gamer playing through a game with commentary and reactions
The money he makes: $15 million

Felix Kjellberg, or as he is better known as Pewdiepie, is a Swedish Gamer and saw a 20% increase in his income from the year before. In previous years, his income was predominantly from his Youtube videos but this year he branched out and wrote a book titled “The Book loves You” which made it to the New York Best Sellers list.Also his Youtube Red series “Scare PewDiePie” got a season renewal. His second video game PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator got a whopping million downloads within the first hour of its release. He also owns a sock line.

2. Roman Atwood

What he does: Prank Videos
The money he made: $8 million

Though he came second to Pewdiepie by a really big margin, but saw his personal income grow by 70%. He has 10 million subscribers on Youtube and had a pretty big year, in which he toured along with fellow Youtuber Yousef Erakat, and also made his film debut in the movie Natural Born Pranksters. He also has his own merchandise which includes beanies, pens, sunglasses etc. Apart from that, he is working on a book titled “Will Work for Smiles” and has a deal with several brands, including Scott Toilet Paper.

3. Lily Singh

What she does: Vlogging (Honestly couldn’t find a better description)
The money she made: $7.5 million

Born to Punjabi parents and raised in Canada, Lily Singh is a close third and the only woman as we wrap of the top three. She is famous for her impersonations (gleefully hilarious and awfully honest) of her parents and has more than 9 billion subscribers. Her Youtube Red documentary A trip to unicorn land bagged her a Streamy Award and was premiered at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX. Meanwhile, her book “How to be a bawse” will hit the stores next year.

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4. Smosh’s Fortune

What they do: Web-based Sketch comedy
The money they made: $7 Million

Smosh is an American sketch comedy. The duo, consist of Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padella, were behind Lily Singh in the 4th position. As of 2016, they have more than 22 million subscribers with over 6 billion views since starting out in 2005 and were thrice the most subscribed channel on Youtube. Last year, the duo made their silver screen debuts in Smosh: the movie and also were the voice of the Hal and Bubbles in Angry Birds: the movie. Their second film Ghostmates released on Youtube Red.

5. Oakley/Pansino

What they do: humorist, author, and activist, the other hosts a cooking show
The money they made: $6 million

Tyler Oakley is a humorist and an activist. Much of his activism is about LGBT youth, LGBT rights, as well as social issues including healthcare, education, and the prevention of suicide among LGBT youth. He has over 535 million views and 8 million subscribers. This year, he competed on The Amazing Race and signed a deal with Ellen Degeneres for his own talk show. His career highlights include interviewing the former American First Lady Michelle Obama and British boy band One Direction. He has also been on a world tour and been honored by LGBT media advocacy organization GLAAD.

Rossana Pansino is best known for her cooking show Nerdy Nummies, which she also hosts. She had earlier aspired to be an actress and got bit part roles in Parks and Recreations and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Though her acting career was relatively down in the dumps, she was inspired by her Grandmother to cook, and now her channel has 7.3 million subscribers and over 75 million monthly views.

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6. Mark Fischbach/German Garmendia

What they do: One of them is a gamer, other is a Youtube comedian (They work independently)
The money they made: $5.5 million

Gamer Mark Fischbach (aka Markiplier), is a Honolulu-born and now settled in Los Angeles, specializes in “Let’s play” videos about video games, especially those belonging to the survival horror and action genre. Fishbach is known for his overactive style of commentary during gameplay, and emotions range from yelling, screaming, cursing(which are often replaced by “duck”,”luck” etc. though are not censored in the video), and even goes up to crying.

German Garmendia is a Chilean Youtube personality and his forte include comedy, singing, and writing. He has also published a book titled “#Chupaelperro” in Latin America and Spain. His channels are currently the 2nd and 18th most subscribed channels on Youtube, with a sum total of 46 million subscribers and happen to be the first Youtuber to get two diamond buttons(i.e. Ten million Youtube subscribers) and also voiced the part of Julian in the Ice Age: Collision Course.

7. Rhett and Link/Colleen Ballinger

What they do: One is famous for her Miranda persona, others are comedian
The money they made: $5 million

Rhett and Link are an internet comedy duo who quit their engineering jobs after graduating to start their Youtube Channel. They are self-styled Internetainers and are known for a lot of things. Predominantly their 10 episode web series Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings, viral online videos, and daily morning talk show Good Mythical Mornings. They also happen to be the creative force behind their Youtube Red Series, Buddy System.

Colleen Ballinger is known for her Miranda persona, a kinda weird, aspiring singer who also happens to be tone deaf. Miranda has also appeared on numerous TV shows, prominent ones being Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and on Crackle’s Comedians in Car getting Coffee along with Jerry Seinfeld. Her book is titled as Self Help hit the New York Bestsellers list in 2015 and eventually went on to top it. Her latest venture, Haters back off, was produced by Netflix and charted the history of Miranda.