First date! 10 things you should consider indulging into


The First date is something, which will never come back with the same companion. It is always important to do some crazy thing to remember it forever. Some of the best ideas for your first date

1.Have a social Ice Cream

An ice cream treat can be nominal and informative. Meet up at an Ice Cream parlor, which has different flavors and a good crowd. This gives you a fair idea about your partner. You can judge by the flavors your partner chooses and toppings, which she or he likes.


Love over ice cream
Love over ice cream

2.Have a multi course dinner

If you figure out that your partner is a foodie, it is wise to take her or him out to different places. A multi course dinner can help you in finding out the taste of your partner. Taking out for a dinner at different places helps you in finding good food for yourself as well as for your partner.


Dinner with your sweetheart
Dinner with your sweetheart

3.Visit a food festival or a street fair

Visiting a food festival or a street fair can be a good idea, as you get to try out different cuisines and you get to treat your partner with different cuisines. You will have a good chance to take your partner around and try new things.


Food Festival
Food Festival

4.Go for a movie or a concert

On a sunny day, it is advisable to go for a movie or a pick a concert to attend. You will get plenty of options, depending on the location to watch a movie. This gives you enough information about your partner’s taste with respect to entertainment.


Music Concert.

5.A long walk with a coffee

On a rainy day or during winters, going for a long walk with a cup of coffee can be interesting. A hot coffee during winters can actually change the way you look at things and it improves the quality of the conversation you are going to have.


A long walk with a coffee
A long walk with a coffee

6.Enjoy the sunset or sunrise

If you are located in a coastal side. A walk on the beach, watching the sunset or sunrise can actually give goose bumps. The only location, where you can see the end of the world with your date.

Couple Love Sunset Water Sun Shadow Romance

7.Go for Bowling

An indoor sport, which does not need any kind of training. Bowling can be played by anyone for fun and having a mug of beer on the side will give out a good image for your partner.


Bowling !!

8.Enjoy Live Music

For people who love music, there cannot be a better option than enjoying a live music with a knowledgeable chat about music and his features.


Live Music
Live Music

9.Bar with billiards and board games

Choose a bar for a mug of beer and to play indoor games once in a while. The first date can actually be cool in bar, unless things are in control.


Bar with billiards and board games
Bar with billiards and board games


10.Visit a planetarium or a museum

For some people, it is important to gain knowledge while having fun. Planetarium  or a museum can be a better option for partners, who are educated enough and prefer to have conversations about the same.



Walk in a museum

The first date is always and important experience to look up to. You can think of theses things to indulge into; if you want the day to awesomely spent & remembered for long. Just make sure that you plan them in advance.