Here Are Some Facts That You Need To Know About Shraddha Kapoor


It’s not always easy for a star kid to win the hearts of people after debuting in Bollywood as many people have preconceived thoughts about them. The ideas of ‘godfather’ & ‘approach’ are one of the few things that such star kids need to address at the first place. Shraddha Kapoor faced the same scenario but after her back to back hits, she has now earned her name.

The young actress who had also won the Filmfare award is one of the prominent artists that the Bollywood industry is privileged to have. Since the last 7 years, after her debut in Bollywood, she has acted in a lot of films. If you are her fan, we are about to share some of unknown facts about her.

1. She is terrified of lightning.

The perfect word to describe is ‘Astraphobia’, the fear of lightning and thunder.

2. She is a Boston University Dropout.

She was pursuing her higher studies in three majors but decided to drop out. It’s not like she was poor in studies, in fact, she was pretty good. But it was the need that she felt to make her life more worthy to live by pursuing her career in acting and drama.

3. She was a brilliant student in School.

Unlike Arjun Kapoor and as many of you think about Bollywood star kids, she was indeed an excellent student in her school days. She scored a whopping 95% in her 12th Class boards.

4. She loves sports.

Unlike the rest of us who crave for only cricket, her interest lies in Scuba Diving. She is a certified scuba diver and has even trained Tiger Shroff.

5. Her first movie offer came when she was just 16.

And the movie offer was made by none other than Salman Khan who saw her talent when she acted in a play at Boston University.

6. Her favourite hobby is gardening.

Gardening is a beautiful hobby and especially for those having patience.  Apart from gardening, she also likes collecting shoes and cooking

7. She can speak in a perfect British as well as in Russian accent.

She can do so as she used to try out different accents when she was just a child.

8. She has a weird superstition for making her film a huge superhit

According to her, whenever her father watches her movie in Delhi, it always turns out to be good. So far, her claim has been proven right for movies like Aashiqui 2, Haider and Ek Villain.

9. She still has some disputes with various media houses.

It was the year 2014 when various photographers boycotted her for her bad behaviour with the media during the promotions of her movie, Ek Villain.

10. She doesn’t like her father playing the role of villains.

It’s the roles of villain that have made Shakti Kapoor stand out from the rest of the actors in Bollywood, but it’s his daughter who doesn’t like him playing such roles.

So these were some of the facts that we wanted to share with you. If you think that we have missed some points, feel free to add it up in the comment section below.

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