Have These Experiences Before Turning 40!


Turning 40 is a major milestone for anybody. A person who has turned 40 has now been on the earth for 4 long decades and he or she deserves a splurge on themselves to mark this event. However, there are a few activities that ought to be done before age actually starts taking hold of your body. Here are our top picks for the experiences before turning 40 one must do!

1. Celebrations in a foreign city
experiences before turning 40

Yes, this is a must do. After turning 40, not many people have the energy or the stamina to travel to foreign places and deal with time zones. So, it is only natural that people will want to do this before their bodies give up. Do it in your 30s if possible, you still have the stamina as well as the bank balance to fund it.


2. Endurance sports

experiences before turning 40Another must do is go and participate in endurance sports like marathons, triathlon, cross country biking etc. Not only is it extremely thrilling but it is super satisfying as well. The sense of achievement it leaves is a feeling worth experiencing.


3. Meet a hero


Every person has a childhood hero or heroine. If yours are still around, you ought to make every effort possible to meet them. As you get older, chances of your hero or heroine passing away are ever increasing so it is best that you meet them before turning 40.


4. Leave a job
experiences before turning 40

Now, this maybe a risky thing however, if you are trapped in a job that you don’t love then it is best that you quit it and seek newer pastures as you still have the time and energy to re-establish yourself in your preferred line of work.


5. Become a wine connoisseur

experiences before turning 40Every once in a while, every person gets this fetish of tasting the most expensive wines of the world. Well, go ahead and taste them before you turn 40. Your body will be able to easily handle it as well as appreciate the distinctive tastes and flavours of them.