What to Expect from the Mobile World Congress this Year!

Mobile World Congress

The much awaited and highly anticipated Mobile World Conference(MWC) is going to start in a week, and we promise you that we will keep you covered.

Each year, during the third week of February, all the fancy mobile companies descend on to Barcelona with bags full of new technology and awesome technologies. Apart from the usual and the ordinary, there are product displays from approximately 2,200 companies that are attending the MWC, there will be keynote speeches from by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the company that made Pokemon GO and Ingress, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, and Rajeev Suri, our Desi CEO of Nokia, among others.

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Nokia is back

Several companies have released teasers of their products, while others have been blatant about the facts and have said that they won’t be releasing anything. Meanwhile, Nokia has announced that it will be releasing it’s iconic Nokia 3310 phones. Remember those puny little phones which had a battery life that would last for days and were so tough that not even a bullet would pass through. I clearly remember my childhood being wasted on playing that Snakes game, and for all that nostalgia, Nokia will be putting it back in the market at a throwaway price of 59 euros.Till date, 126 million of those bullet-proof armour like phones have been sold.

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What are the others doing

Apart from Nokia, there has been a lot brewing with other mobile manufacturers, including LG, Sony, Lenovo, Intel, Samsung, HTC among others. Samsung’s mobile division head, DJ Koh has revealed that Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be revealed at MWC this time out. However, the company has sent out flyers for its press-con on the 26th Feb. If sources are to be believed, Samsung will be launching Samsung Galaxy S3(which looks more like Surface Pro 4 honestly), with a 9.7 inch display, magnetic dock among others, and is widely believed to be a direct rival to the Apple IPad.

Sony too has plans full of grandeur for this event and plans to launch as many as five smartphones, which also includes a 5.5 inch-4K display phone, a flagship and trendsetter with advanced Virtual reality capabilities. LG too has sent out flyers for it’s press-con and is widely touted to launch its G6 smartphone. As usual, Apple won’t be attending the MWC because of its own bourgeoisie connotations. According to sources, Apple does its own launch events and attending an event hosted by a third party would take away some of its gilt. To put it in simpler terms, Apple if that rich kid who is a classist down to the core.

Stay tuned in for more as we will keep you covered for the Mobile World Conference to be held from 27th Feb till March 2 in Barcelona

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